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    In this section of my website, I have collected some transcriptions and arrangements of music that I made over the years mainly for my young students. You can find transcriptions for piano four hands or small instrumental ensembles. Since the list is not complete yet, I invite you to return to find more material.
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Natale a Quattro Mani
easy transcriptions for piano four hands
of Christmas Carols from the European tradition

1. Deck the Hall [1057 downloads] [size 294 KB]
2. Les Anges dans nos campagnes [991 downloads] [size 168 KB]
3. O Tannenbaum [1030 downloads] [size 226 KB]
4. Tu scendi dalle stelle [993 downloads] [size 176 KB]
5. We wish you a Merry Christmas [1005 downloads] [size 199 KB]

Easy Clarinet
very easy transcriptions of popular songs for clarinet and piano

1. Jingle Bells [870 downloads] [size 97 KB]
2. Tu scendi dalle stelle [923 downloads] [size 106 KB]

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    I would be grateful if, in case you happen to play some of these pieces, let me know if you have performed them during a concert and if so, whether there is a video on
You  Tube  or a brochure of the event...
   Thank you in advance.

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[12] Musical compositions, it should be remembered, do not inhabit certain countries, certain museums, like paintings and statues. The Mozart Quintet is not shut up in Salzburg: I have it in my pocket.

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