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Dave Stewart
Leggere e scrivere la musica
un metodo chiaro per chi vuole avvicinarsi al meraviglioso mondo della musica
libro 45 di 49, pagine 98 di 51.360
livello 2, ultima lettura 2000

Aurelio Agostino
opera autobiografica
libro 78 di 152, pagine 306 di 51.360
livello 1, ultima lettura 2000

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    In this section of my website, I have collected some transcriptions and arrangements of music that I made over the years mainly for my young students. You can find transcriptions for piano four hands or small instrumental ensembles. Since the list is not complete yet, I invite you to return to find more material.
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Natale a Quattro Mani
easy transcriptions for piano four hands
of Christmas Carols from the European tradition

1. Deck the Hall [1082 downloads] [size 294 KB]
2. Les Anges dans nos campagnes [1021 downloads] [size 168 KB]
3. O Tannenbaum [1057 downloads] [size 226 KB]
4. Tu scendi dalle stelle [1025 downloads] [size 176 KB]
5. We wish you a Merry Christmas [1032 downloads] [size 199 KB]

Easy Clarinet
very easy transcriptions of popular songs for clarinet and piano

1. Jingle Bells [898 downloads] [size 97 KB]
2. Tu scendi dalle stelle [1139 downloads] [size 106 KB]

Dear visitor,

    I would be grateful if, in case you happen to play some of these pieces, let me know if you have performed them during a concert and if so, whether there is a video on
You  Tube  or a brochure of the event...
   Thank you in advance.

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